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Flower's Rantings

looking sideways into the past... future... no wait, now I'm confused


Forest Faerie

Wherever you go,
There you are.



October 9th, 2008


Forest Faerie
See previous post.
I lied.
Ima badgirl.

August 3rd, 2008

I have decided...

Forest Faerie
...that is it time to revive this journal.

I could be talking out my ass and this will be the last post I make for the next year (again) or maybe simply the act of declaring it publicly (I use that word loosely considering how many people actually read this) will inspire me to actually follow through.

I also vow to try and use less parenthetical remarks (unless absolutely necessary, which really they never are), and watch my comma splices.

Not that this guarantees success, but, I vow to try.


January 25th, 2007


Forest Faerie
Well, crap.

January 22nd, 2007


Forest Faerie
In the absence of an actual insightful post made by myself, I will now link to someone else's journal who has managed to post something worth reading.


Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

January 7th, 2007

John Edwards, presidential candidate 2008.
He's saying all the right things...
Let's see if he can follow through.


November 10th, 2006

grrr... is it just me?

Forest Faerie
Every time I go to make a post or leave a comment on LJ, whether it be in someone else's journal or my own, LJ often (not always) randomly picks one of my icons from the list instead of it defaulting to, oh I dunno, THE DEFAULT.

I find this incredibly annoying, and I know wasn't that way previously, I've only noticed this happening over the last few weeks or so.

Anyone else having this problem? *mutter grumble bitch complain*

EDIT: Woah, the music I had queued up in Winamp automatically posted in the music field. *deletes* I mean, automation is fine, but um, I had no idea it was gonna do that. So weird.

October 27th, 2006


Forest Faerie
I share my blogthings nice with others.
Comment if you grab one, and host them yourself please and thank you.

Paint Shop Pro rules.

September 24th, 2006

About an hour ago...

Forest Faerie
It was bedtime and my 6 y/o son was "cleaning up" his cars in his bedroom before going to bed. After about a minute I could clearly hear him (from the living room) making driving and crashing type noises. I decided to intervene.

Me: Boy, stop playing with your cars!

Him: I'm not playing with them!

Me: Yes you are, I can hear you making "vroom vroom" noises in there. *snicker*

Him: I'm not playing with them! I'm just... pretending that I'm controlling them and stuff like that. *makes more car noises*


My husband and I: *uncontrollable laughter*

September 19th, 2006

Reason number 797217 why...

Forest Faerie
...I read theferrett's journal.

Well said, well said.

September 18th, 2006

The video for "White and Nerdy" is out!

Ok, all done now.

EDIT: Weird Al put up a higher quality version so I changed the link.

September 5th, 2006

aah... Weird Al goodness

Forest Faerie
Don't Download This Song.
Really. Don't do it. 0.o

Hardware Store (WoW)
A fan video. Truly awesome.

August 27th, 2006


Forest Faerie
Rollin with Saget.
The illest mother fucker in a cardigan sweater.

August 26th, 2006

I are a College student

Forest Faerie
Ok so it's official, I started classes last week. It finally feels real now. What a trip.

Long term, gonna be a CPA. Short term, gonna take some crap at the Community College and get back up to speed, then take some more crap and get an Associates Degree, then transfer out to get the Bachelors Degree. The CPA exam is after all that. It's gonna take a while, but hell after being out of school for 17 years I'm feeling pretty patient at this point. It'll take as long as it takes.

I took my Math and English assessment tests today. Didn't study. Tested right into College level English but I have to take 2 Algebra classes before I can take the required Math. It felt fair though, I haven't used that stuff in so long I need to relearn it I guess. Bah.

This should be a fun ride for sure.

August 9th, 2006

It's been a while...

Forest Faerie
...since I made a political post, but here we go again. Or, still. Whatever.

For any of you NOT reading scottbateman's journal, he posted this today:
I thought it deserved a re-post. Maybe I'm just in one of those moods today. *shrug*

Usually he's much funnier.

August 2nd, 2006

ack another meme

Forest Faerie
source: http://www.thecolorcode.com/
Congratulations. You are WHITE.

WHITES are motivated by PEACE. They seek independence and require kindness. They resist confrontation at all costs. To them, feeling good is more important than being good. They are typically quiet by nature, process things very deeply and objectively with great clarity. Of all the colors, WHITES are the best listeners. They respect people who are direct but recoil from perceived hostility or verbal battle.

WHITES need their "alone time" and refuse to be controlled by others. WHITES want to do things their own way and in their own time. They ask little of others and resent others demanding much of them. WHITES are much stronger than people think, but are not often seen for their strength because they don't easily reveal their feelings. WHITES are even-tempered, diplomatic, and the voice of reason; but can also be indecisive, unexpressive, and silently stubborn. When others interact with you, as a WHITE you respond to them best if they are kind, accepting and supporting of your individuality, and if they look for non-verbal clues to understand your feelings.

Eerily accurate, actually.

*inserts "white girl" joke here*

July 21st, 2006

Quickie question

Ok I lied, I have 2 questions...

1. Should I go plus just so I can upload a bunch of userpics I'll probably never use?

2. How the fuck do you get your comments page to display with your style applied, is that a paid account thing or am I just blind?

July 14th, 2006

Best. List. Ever.

Forest Faerie

the Failures
of the Quixotic
"War on Drugs" and
"War on Terror."


- - - -

The War on Drunks

The War on Unpaired Socks

The War on Late DVD Rental Fees

The War on Teaspoons Left in the Sink

The War on Declaring Wars on Stateless Individuals
and Ideologies Whose Very Nature Precludes
There Ever Being an End to Said Conflicts

The War on France


July 12th, 2006


Forest Faerie

June 17th, 2006

Went with 2 of my kids to the new little farmer's market down by the BART station and spent too much money of some really good food. We had these potato and pea dumpling things that were being sold by some middle eastern dude that were amazing. And fresh orange juice. And a scone.

Plus we brought home the best. Cherries. Ever.

I enjoyed the sunshine. But not so much that I got sunburned. Just the right amount. That's quite an accomplishment for me.

Now I'm in front of the computer again... not sure why... I think I'll go upstairs and grab some more of those cherries. YUM.

June 13th, 2006


Forest Faerie
Did you know that detoxing off of an MMORPG involved withdrawal symptoms? I did not know this. Now I do. Ugh.
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