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Flower's Rantings

looking sideways into the past... future... no wait, now I'm confused

6 February
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This is my journal/blog/whatever. This is where I mostly post links of interest (to me) and occasionally discuss my life. Please feel free to read my posts so far for insight into who I am and what I'm thinking about these days. If you have any questions about me that you cannot find the answer to in my entries or my profile, I do not mind at all if you ask. If you would like to add me to your friends list you do not need to ask first, this is a public journal so just go right ahead.

I am a very straightforward and honest person. I also thrive on sarcasm. I don't fit into any mold or stereotype. I am rather complex, and a little odd. I am also very opinionated. You may not agree with me on everything. And in response you're certainly allowed to either: agree (and tell me how cool I am for thinking that way), disagree (and argue your point in a coherent manner), or fuck off and go away.

When this journal began I was feeling very political (go figure...) but these days you'll find more random junk in here than anything else. Just kind of a representation of where I was and where I am and perhaps where I will be? Hang in there with me, it'll be a weird ride I'm sure. Life is very complicated, and I will not let the opportunity to talk about it pass me by, even if you don't want to hear about it.

Terror Alert Level

Oh, and I quit smoking cigarettes like 12 years ago - and I'm damn proud. See my nifty counter thingy that doesn't even know how to calculate years? It's oh-so-very smart like that.

Me in a nutshell:
* I am a chick
* I am married
* I have 3 kids
* I am cute and sweet and loving
* I cuss like a sailor when I'm pissed

Dumb shit I do for fun:
* Take pictures
* Play video games
* Dork around on the internet
* Have as much sex with my honey as possible
(not necessarily in that order)

Alternative Lifestyle. Alternative Gaming.
Gaming Logos
Gaming is love.

Quote of the Moment:
Freedom of choice, is what you got
Freedom from choice, is what you want

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